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iVOIP Canada Soft Phone
iVOIP Canada VOIP software phone by Zoiper

Softphone Options

iVOIP Canada users may use software based telephones. The iVOIP Canada Soft Phone can be setup on any computer with a broadband internet connection. In minutes you can place and receive phone calls without any VoIP hardware.

No telephone or VoIP adapter required
Replaces traditional telephone handset
Ideal for laptops and travel

There are many softphone programs to choose from. We recommend these industry leading programs. They are tested for compatability, ease of use and functionality.

Zoiper Communicator *new

Note that a requirement of using X-lite or Zoiper softphone is a computer with audio capabilites, including speakers and a microphone. We recommend a headset when possible.

Cost: FREE

* New clients sign ups with softphone only are subject to a one time setup fee.
** X-lite and Zoiper offer paid versions of their softphones, available to you as an option

Laptop with headphone and microphone

Zoiper Communicator

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X-Lite Softphone

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