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Referrals Program

Earning commissions is so easy, you can start right away! You can refer friends and family in 2 simple ways:
  • Tell them to provide your 10-digit iVOIP Canada phone number when they sign up. They will receive their FIRST MONTH FREE offer. You will receive a monthly commission.

  • or

  • Ask them to click on your special Referral URL.
    To view your special Referral URL, enter your iVOIP Canada Number:

  • NOTE: This URL is specially encoded to track referrals from you. Once someone clicks on your URL, you will automatically earn a commission when they sign up. You will earn a commission even if they decide to sign up later or if they sign up through our homepage directly.
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Start spreading the word! Enter your friend's email addresses below, and they will receive an email with YOUR specially encoded referral link, introducing them to iVOIP Canada.

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  • The message is as shown below the line. You can type a few words of your own in the box and it will be added to the message.

  • Hi [Name],

    I want to introduce you to a new phone service that I'm using. It's called iVOIP Canada and it transforms your high speed Internet connection into a regular phone line. It works just like your current telephone service except it's 40% - 60% cheaper. You get features like Call Waiting, Caller ID Display, Voicemail, 3-Way calling, Call Forwarding and many more for a fraction of what you're paying now. You can even keep your existing number if you decide to switch to their service.

    With iVOIP Canada, I also save money on long distance calling. Unlike a regular phone line, iVOIP Canada is "portable", which means I can get phone service anywhere in the world. All I need is high speed Internet access. For example, I use my iVOIP Canada service when I travel and there are no long distance fees because these calls are considered "local". I save so much money just on this alone.

    Right now, iVOIP Canada is offering a ONE MONTH FREE trial period to friends and families of their customers. There is no obligation and it is completely free. If you'd like to try them out, just click on the link below and you will receive a 30 days trial period, free of charge:

    http://ivoipcanada.com/clickthru.php?id=[Referral Code]

    Hope you'll find this useful.

    [Your Name]