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Virtual Numbers

A Virtual Phone Number is a second number that when called, rings to a primary iVOIP Canada line. Virtual Phone Numbers can be from most area codes in the U.S., thereby providing enormous savings to people phoning you from that selected area code. Virtual Phone Numbers virtually eliminate long-distance phoning charges for anyone calling within that numbers' area code. As an example, you may live in California and have a child going to school on the east coast. If you subscribe to a virtual phone number with your child's college's area code, any call the student makes to that Virtual Phone Number which iVOIP Canada automatically routes to your primary phone line is a local, toll-free call. All you pay is the small monthly fee for the Virtual Phone Number.

Virtual Numbers can be used by businesses to save their customers and potential customers money, by permitting them to make a call to a number in their local area code, Virtual Phone Numbers allow the enterprises to show a local presence in a geographic area without physically residing there. Just as your primary iVOIP Canada number does not necessarily need to be tied to your actual geographical location, virtual phone numbers can be taken out from any of your business contacts' local area codes.

As an example, suppose you are a snow ski manufacturer based in Alabama while your biggest customers are located in Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, St. Cloud, MN and Albany, NY. All you pay is the small monthly fee for the four different Virtual Phone Numbers, each with an area code of the four different hubs of your business activity. Now, your customers never have to dial long distance to place an order and feel your right next door. Virtual Phone Numbers cost $4.95 per month and can only be added to any one of the service plans.

How Does It Work? Virtual Numbers work just like email address aliases. In the same way that you can have more than one email address point to the same email account, you can have more than one iVOIP Canada number link to your iVOIP Canada primary number. Behind the scenes, the iVOIP Canada Call Routing Network points your Virtual Number calls to your primary line. This transfer is just as fast and seamless as any other iVOIP Canada phone call.

Cost: $4.95 per month

How Can I Get a Virtual Number?

You must have active iVOIP Canada account to get a virtual number. If you already have account, click here to login to My Account control panel and select Add Phone Features.

Features List

  • Call Hold
  • Caller ID Block
  • Caller ID Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forward Always
  • Call Forward On-Busy
  • Call Forward No-Answer
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Distinct Ring Tone
  • Voicemail
  • Toll Free Number
  • 911 Dialing
  • Voice to Email
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Unlimited Cellphone Calls

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